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Have you ever spent hours with your head down, scrubbing the floors in your home, trying to get them clean? Finally, when they are sparkling like new, you step back and admire your hard work. Then it hits you—there is no way this will last for years to come! Floors that look clean just a few days later seem like an impossible dream. Metallic epoxy flooring has arrived to save us from this tedious job of cleaning the floors in our homes. If you want a metallic epoxy floor that shines for years without any maintenance at all, here's what you need to know about metallic epoxy coatings!

Metallic epoxy flooring is created from a combination of polyaspartic elastomer, resins, fillers, pigments, and solvents which are mixed together in a specific ratio to form a metallic epoxy coating. In most cases, there is no need for people to worry about what goes into their metallic epoxy coatings because it is non-toxic!

Metallic Epoxy in Coeur D’Alene

Common Epoxy Installation Areas

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metallic epoxy


Metallic epoxy is incredibly popular in basements because it is easy to clean, looks great, and resists staining! Usually, a sleek epoxy floor is the way to go in a basement because homeowners want their space to look professional and complete. However, if you are worried about your metallic epoxy floor in your basement looking too shiny and new, consider having it roughened slightly! This will give the metallic epoxy floor some character and make it look like it's been around for years.


Metallic epoxy is also extremely popular in garages because of its durability. If you own a garage, you know how damaging tire marks can be to the floor! You can also avoid the hustle of painting your garage floor with epoxy because metallic epoxy can be applied right over the concrete. This means you don't have to spend extra time and money prepping your garage before applying a coat of metallic epoxy! No matter what kind of metallic epoxy you choose for your garage, one thing is for certain—it's going to last!

Retail Stores

Believe it or not, metallic epoxy floors are incredibly popular in retail stores because they add a sleek and professional look to the space! Whether you want to make your retail store appear more upscale or simply add an eye-catching touch, metallic epoxy is the way to go. Metallic epoxy can also increase the brightness where installed, which helps customers see the products on the shelves!

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Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Coatings

Visually Stunning Finish

There are many benefits of choosing a metallic epoxy floor for your home or business!

Visual Aesthetics

Metallic epoxy is perfect for any space because it has such a wide range of colors and finishes. With metallic epoxy, you can choose from silver metallic epoxy flooring to gold metallic epoxy flooring and everything in between! Metallic epoxy is also extremely popular in basements and garages because it resists staining and protects the concrete or epoxy floor underneath. This type of epoxy flooring is incredibly easy to clean and maintain, even if your family lives an active lifestyle!


First and foremost, metallic epoxy is safe for the environment! Metallic epoxy coating products are all non-toxic, which means you don't need to worry about harmful chemicals being released into the environment while they cure. This also means that your children and pets can get on metallic epoxy floors immediately after it has been installed, even if the product contains non-slip granules!

Easy to Maintain

Metallic epoxy is incredibly easy to maintain! Sweep or vacuum metallic epoxy floors regularly and mop or wash with warm water. Once the floor has been cleaned, simply dry it with a soft towel, and you're done! Because metallic epoxy has a high sheen, it doesn't need any special cleaners in order to clean up spills—in most cases; you can use regular household products that are not abrasive.

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