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Flake epoxy flooring is one kind of decorative floor made by applying a flaked substrate layer to the concrete or wood and then finishing with a coat of resin. This product is popular because it covers up flaws in the surface underneath while adding texture and beauty. Additionally, it's very durable - chip and scratch-resistant. Because of this latter reason, businesses like garages and warehouses use flake epoxy for floors; since it offers such great protection against common hazards that cause damage to floors like oil stains and gas spills.

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Flake Epoxy Coatings in Coeur D’Alene

Common Flake Epoxy Installation Areas

Great for residential and commercial applications

Flake epoxy is designed to be used in all sorts of common installation areas like garages, wholesale facilities, and warehouses. Keep reading for a more detailed list of potential sites.
flake epoxy

Retail Storefronts

Since flake epoxy resists scuffs, oil stains, and gas spills, it makes a great option for storefronts in wholesale facilities. This type of epoxy is designed to offer the best possible protection against common hazards that cause damage to floors like these - offering businesses peace of mind when running operations in their space! You can also take advantage of the low-maintenance features of flake epoxy, freeing up your employees from worrying about sweeping and mopping the floors after every use.

Manufacturing Facilities

Experienced manufacturers know that strong adhesive bonds are important in manufacturing facilities - floors must be protected from oils and chemicals without compromising safety. In this setting, flake epoxy offers high-performance specifications tempered with safety features that meet or exceed American Society for Testing and Materials standards. Our materials are guaranteed to stand up against even the most damaging conditions.


Flake epoxy is popular in warehouses because it withstands heavy foot traffic as well as oil spills and other hazards often found at wholesale facilities. It also helps prevent slips and falls; creating a durable floor with high traction makes workers feel more secure while moving around the warehouse. The combination of chip resistance and slip protection additionally benefits managers who spend time on their feet by preventing the kinds of nicks and scrapes that would otherwise occur from broken boxes, small spills, and other common hazards.

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Benefits of Flake Epoxy Flooring

Versatile and Resilient

Increased Safety

Flake epoxy products offer slip and chemical resistance that help reduce accidents in work environments like manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other wholesale establishments. When safety is a priority, business owners turn to flake epoxy for floors; this type of system helps create a safe working environment by preventing slips and falls while strengthening the adhesive bond between layers.

Increased Durability

Flake epoxy flooring is exceptionally durable - strong enough even for use in garages or car dealerships! Although it's durable enough to handle heavy foot traffic, it also offers chip resistance - making it perfect for any location where people will be moving around with carts or dollies. In addition to being resistant against chipping from sharp impacts, flake epoxy resists scuffs and scratches.

Ease of Maintenance

Flake epoxy provides an easy-to-clean surface that requires very little maintenance after installation - simply sweep up debris and mop when necessary. This keeps your employees happy because they won't have to clean the floors after every single use! Furthermore, flake epoxy keeps its high traction throughout the entire life of the floor thanks to its anti-skid properties.


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Flake epoxy is a great option for businesses looking for a flooring system that meets their performance specifications. In warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other wholesale spaces where heavy traffic occurs on a regular basis, flake epoxy floors offer superior protection from scuffs and chemical damage without compromising the adhesive bond between layers - making them a smart choice for customers in need of a durable flooring solution!

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